Europe Projectionand Euromair Distribution, implanted in the industrial park of Rousset, have as activity the manufacturing and the distribution of professional equipment for projection of fillers and paintings.

Since 1994, creation of Europe Projection, we have used our know-how to fulfill a precise objective: offer professional quality material to our customers whilst adapting ourselves to the expectations of the different markets which are in perpetual evolution.

It is in 2003, that Europro Projection reached a real turning point, with the setting-up in their new and vast premises in Rousset, followed by the creation of Euromair Distribution.

The year 2005 was marked by the acquisition of a spare parts fabrication centre in Le Pouzin, in the Ardèche region, as well as the creation of the Ile-de-France after-sales service structure.

Since then, the company has not stopped growing to reach in 2013 a personnal of 50 people.