Kontur 100


This machine is designed for horizontal airless road marking with paint with simultaneous dropping on reflective glass beads in streets, parking areas and industrial sites. One load of paint is enough to apply 200 m2 of markings.

The width of 1.3 m allows using the machine without interfering with the city traffic.


Kontur 100 is designed for applying horizontal road markings using quick-drying paints and glass beads.

The compact size of the machine allows applying markings in urban streets, car parks, and parking areas. The airless marking technology, where paint pressure can reach 140 bar, allows using high-viscosity road marking materials (70 to 140 seconds measured with Ford # 4 cup) with high solids content. Such paints dry quickly and do not smear when applied in thick layers (up to 650 μm).
High-quality components ensure reliability and long service life of the equipment. In the machine we use components of leading companies like Briggs & Stratton, Graco, Danfoss, Festo, Fini, and Kamber.

– Central marking unit with three pairs of paint and glass bead guns (Kamber);
– Right marking unit, without guns;
– M12 marking control panel;
– Foot pedal duplicating START button on the marking control panel;
– Paint flow meter;
– Handheld gun with 10 m hose;
– Flashing lights on the roof;
– Spotlight for the marking unit;
– Operator workplace light.

– Remote button duplicating START button on the marking control panel;
– Joystick for fast program selection on M12 control panel;
– Additional fourth pair of paint and glass bead guns (Kamber) on the right marking unit;
– Left marking unit, without guns;
– Line beginning photo sensor (can be installed on any gun);
– 50 cm handheld paint gun extension;
– Handheld jet air gun for cleaning of working equipment;
– Rear platform or
– Rear platform with a seat.

Basic Specifications

Spraying type Airless
“Briggs & Stratton” engine power, max 23 h.p.
Engine fuel type gasoline (e92)
Paint pump rated capacity 9.5 l/min
Paint tank capacity 100 kg
Beads tank capacity 30 kg
Operating speed 6 km\h
Transportation speed up to 9 km/h
Maximum operating road gradient 20%
Overall dimentions (length x width x height):
working position 4.4 x 1.3 x 2.1 m
transportation position 2.8 x 1.3 x 2.1 m
Curb weight 980 kg
Personnel 1 person

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