Šmirgla za žirafu


The multifunctional and classic Abranet is especially developed for sanding putty, primers, lacquers, composite materials and a wide range of other materials for industrial use. Abranet combines high performance and a longer lifespan than traditional abrasives, making it a cost-effective solution. Designed for dry sanding by machine or by hand, its true dust-free sanding characteristics result in a cleaner work environment, as well as a better surface finish.

Different types:

AE223F1012 – Šmirgla za žirafu 225 mm 120p

AE223F1018 – Šmirgla za žirafu 225 mm 180p

AE223F1025 – Šmirgla za žirafu 225mm 240p

Technical specifications

Bonding Resin over resin
Grit range P80-P180, P240, P320-P1000
Coating Closed
Grain Aluminium oxide
Color Brownish
Backing PA net

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